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Regional development agency of Ljubljana urban region (RDA LUR, project partner 12)

RDA LUR is a public body, founded by the City municipality of Ljubljana. The main activity of the agency is the development of relationships between the public and private sector at the local, regional, national and international levels in order to promote development initiatives and enhance coherent regional development. RDA LUR is responsible for management, planning and implementation of regional and other development programs.

Ljubljana hub

The Ljubljana urban region is positioned on the crossroads of two Pan European corridors, the 5th and 10th. The Brnik airport and the Koper port are two important cargo and passenger centres, gravitating towards Ljubljana. The region comprises a quarter of Slovenia's territory and is inhabited by a quarter of Slovenia's population, with some 536.484 people. In the past twenty years, private cars have become much more easily available, which has resulted in huge investments in the road infrastructure, whilst public transport, and especially the railways, has been neglected. Consequently, the number of public transport passengers has been declining. Better management of rail and road public transport is thus needed.

Performed activites within the RAILHUC project

  • AS IS analysis
  • Discussions with relevant external experts for upcoming rail models and analysis

Planned activities within the RAILHUC project

  • A public event planned in mid -September
  • Presentation of the RAILHUC project to all 26 mayors of the region
  • Bottlenecks identification
  • Detailed Specification of the secondary network development


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