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City of Venice (project partner 08)

Venice is the regional capital of Veneto, one of the richest and economically most dynamic regions of Europe. Venice could be considered a middlesized city for its territorial width (413, of which 253 are constituted by its lagoon) and its demographic weight (more than 269.000 residents in 2012). The Venetian area is in the centre of a top level intermodal infrastructural system:

  • Corridor 5 (from Lisbon to Kiev through Lyon, Turin, Milan, Venice and Trieste).
  • Adriatic Corridor.
  • Venice Airport (3rd in Italy as for traffic capacityì, more than 8,5 passengers per year connecting Venice to 122 destinations).
  • Two railway hub stations: one located on the main land called Venezia Mestre (Transit, 500 trains and 85,000 passengers each day), the other one - Venezia Santa Lucia - a terminal station located on the island of Venice (450 trains and 82,000 passengers each day).

Performed activites within the RAILHUC project

  • Collection of existing data

Planned activites within the RAILHUC project

  • Origin-Destination Interviews;
  • Demand Survey at the land railway station for each transport feeder system and planning of the needed areas for the new station project.
  • Main activities are:
  • Origin-Destination Interviews;
  • Boarding and alighting
  • Counting at the main public transport stops (bus, taxi) and at the main interchange point (P+R, bike parking);
  • Forecasts of commercial, buisness and tertiary development to sizing logistic and mobility needs for the future layout.
  • At the island station, analysis of the conflicts between railstation passengers and city users; and analysis of the effects on walking mobility in the Venice historical centre.

Main activities are:

  • pedestrian traffic flow counting (also using electronic devices: proximity sensors etc.);
  • calculation of pedestrian density on several count locations; micro dynamic pedestrian model calibration;
  • Output of these activities will be used to update the Urban Mobility Plan of the City of Venice.

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